artist's statement

I spend weeks at a time living in the landscapes I paint. Hiking the trails, climbing the rocks, swimming in the rivers, gazing at the stars and sleeping amongst the trees. I navigate woodland by moonlight, glimpse wild animals, befriend fellow travellers and explore the shapes, colours and textures of the natural world. Back in my studio I paint these experiences, capturing my memories of the places and the emotions they provoke. Partly factual documentation of the places I visit and partly dreamscapes, my paintings hover between the real and the imagined; blurring the physical spaces I have inhabited and the intangible spaces of memory and identity.

Since 2010 I have spent over 36 months living in the forests and mountains of England, Wales, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway. During my travels I experienced many memorable insights which changed my identity and influenced my art. Chief amongst them was that Earth is entering a new geological epoch. Dubbed the Anthropocene, this new period of Earth's history describes the significant impact that human behaviour has had on Earth's geology and ecosystems. My paintings examine my relationship with the landscape as we stand on this threshold.

In 2013 I kept a diary of one of my longer journeys. If you would like to know more about me or my work, please read a little at random from my writings to gain further insights into my thoughts, feelings and working practices.

Studio 106 | 106 Coleridge Street | Hove | East Sussex | BN3 5AA | United Kingdom |